Book Review: Juicing Your Muscles

Book Review: Juicing Your Muscles

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jymJuicing Your Muscles
by Jeremy Agapitos
Flex Comics, 2013
28 pages

In the book Juicing Your Muscles (available on Kindle), Flex Comics co-creator Jeremy Agapitos presents us with his ideas about the value of juicing for building muscle.  Many books in this category focus on weight loss, vitality, or detoxing, but Jeremy’s approach explains the how-to for juicing as a dietary compliment to a weight training regimen.

Perhaps the book’s best feature is its focus on specific ingredients deemed by the author to be of the utmost importance for building muscle.  We’re not overwhelmed with a long grocery list of exotic fruits and vegetables.  In fact, the book’s recipes are centered on three primary ingredients that include pomegranate, lemon, and wheatgrass, and the benefits of each are explained in detail.  As one might expect from a book about bodybuilding nutrition, the text supplies us with recipes for juices to be used during pre-workout, workout, post-workout, and recovery.

Although the book is concise, it does provide us with the basics we need to get started in juicing.  In a recent Strength Advocate interview, Jeremy was asked to comment on his book:  “The book is designed to be a quick-read. The number one complaint is that the book is too short – it’s deliberate.  Why? Because you can literally apply what you’ve learned in the book to your bodybuilding regimen in under 30 minutes and a trip to the grocery store.”

Bodybuilders are in a constant state of re-thinking and refining their nutrition plans, and Juicing Your Muscles is a great way to augment anyone’s existing diet.  When people think of bodybuilding, their minds tend to focus on the crude aspects of listing weights, but a physique is refined in the kitchen.  At a retail price of $3.49, this book is an inexpensive yet important addition to your bodybuilding library.

The book is available for order here: Juicing Your Muscles

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