Culture meets Martial Arts meets Fitness - Capoeira Featuring Damon Bowen

Culture meets Martial Arts meets Fitness – Capoeira Featuring Damon Bowen

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Damon Bowen.  Photo credit: Unknown.

Damon Bowen. Photo credit: Unknown.

I recently met up with a friend of mine and asked him more about something I had been seeing him advertise; Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art fused with martial arts, dance, acrobatics and culture.  I had never heard of it and I must say it looks very interesting.   Capoeira combines these elements and it is known for its quick and complex moves using power, speed and leverage for things such as kicks and spins.  It is often referred to as a Game.  Are you looking for a new source of cardio?  Well this just might be for you!  For more in depth information on it go check out

Damon 2Damon is one of Sugar Land’s most respected Certified Personal Trainers.  Damon has been training clients for over fifteen years now and not only is he a trainer he himself is a Musclemania Pro as well as a 2010 Texas Shredder Classic Novice Heavyweight Champion.  He practices what he preaches!  He is Houston born and Dallas raised with 3 brothers and 1 sister.  Damon grew up playing basketball, football and did the high jump and shot put with track and field.  His passion for fitness drove him every day and even at age 15 he tried getting a job at Gold’s Gym.  Damon has also dabbled in some modeling with Pure Elegance Modeling Company as he has been featured in 002 magazine.

Damon 8One of the greatest things I like about Damon is how humble and soft spoken he is.   Not only does he do personal training @ Embody Fitness/Missouri City, but he is also a substitute instructor at The Brazilian Arts Foundation and he teaches children at KIPP Sharp on Saturdays.  He claims that Capoeira is excellent for conditioning, balance, core strength and flexibility.  You can also find him teaching at Rice University under the LPAP (Lifetime Physical Activity Program) and Ft. Bend Academy of Arts & Dance.

Damon 1There are a few different views on where Capoeira originated from but sources say it probably began with the beginning of African slavery in Brazil.  In 1890 Capoeira was actually prohibited and if caught practicing it you would be arrested and possibly even tortured.  Check out Wikipedia to read further more about the background of this exquisite form of culture and arts as a whole.  There are many aspects in to learning it even as much as learning different musical instruments – it is very fascinating to watch!

For more information on classes in the Houston area please be sure to contact Damon Bowen at the following:

Website: OR his FB Page:  Peak Fitness

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