A Day in the Life of a Competitor - My Personal Agenda

A Day in the Life of a Competitor – My Personal Agenda

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For the last 13 weeks I have been prepping for my upcoming show, the Musclemania Lone Star show, set for Saturday, May 16th at Moody Gardens, Galveston.  My prep in total will consist of 15.5 weeks and has been my longest yet for a show.  Back in 2013 I made Figure Pro and for this show I am making my Physique debut.

I have many ask me tips and advice on certain workout plans or what I eat and how what my schedule consists of so I thought it would make for a good article to walk you through my typical days in my show prep right now.  Please know that my days are not all filled with smiles and joy as some of the photos with the article might depict; I have long days with little carbs and with 4 kid’s and 3 pets I can get fussy easily right now as well.

Headed back to gym for round 2 - black coffee in hand

Headed back to gym for round 2 – black coffee in hand

My day’s Monday through Friday consist of waking anywhere between 3:45/4:00am to get dressed and head out to get in some posing practice before I start my hour of fasted cardio.  I head back home around 5:45 in order to get a shower and get kids up, ready for school and out the door.  This is when I head back to the gym for round 2 which is strength training.  Right now I basically work every muscle group twice a week and being this close to my show my strength has diminished drastically; but I have to keep putting in the work to drop the body fat and hold on to whatever muscle I can before hitting the stage.

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My putting in the work on strength training

After strength training I run any errands needed like grocery shopping, the bank or pick up and take lunch to my twins.  Jaxson and Jadyn are still in elementary so it’s cool to have mom bring lunch; usually they request Subway.  I am also a posing coach for Christine Anderson Coaching so if I have any clients I’m working them.  Some weekends we are holding camps for upcoming competitors so I’m always on the go!

My kid's

My kid’s

After this I head home and work on the daily chores I have the energy for.  This might entail laundry, starting dinner or taking care of my food prep for the next few days.  This time before the kid’s get out of school is also good for catching up on emails and/or sending out any tanks for my #screwcancer campaign / Operation ‘You’re Not Alone’.  On some days it’s all I can do to just sit on the couch in front of Netflix getting my food craving fixes from shows like Cupcake Wars or Diners, Drive-thru’s and Dives.

Working at a posing camp we held

Working at a posing camp we held

By the time the kid’s get out of school my day has already been going for 11 hours!!  And it still has a few more to go.  My oldest works 3 nights a week in which right after school she heads straight there; yea, I have a driver already.  My next oldest will be 14 in a few days and during the week he either has practices or games for baseball.  Next up is my 9 year old twins in which my girl twin is playing softball; so we have practice at least twice a week for that as well.  I’m exhausted just telling you this!  So after homework and practices it’s baths and vegging time.  Right now I’m in bed before the kid’s on some days but I have an amazing husband that picks up my slack in the evenings with the kid’s and any household duties.  He is my rock for sure and he does much of my food prep as far as grilling all my meats and cooking my hamburger meat too.

Lunch with the twins

Lunch with the twins

It’s now about 8:30pm and I’m settled in bed and ready for the next day to repeat itself.  What you don’t get a glimpse of is the fighting amongst the kid’s, the animals running around the house, a kid looking for a lost shoe, me yelling at the kid’s to pick up their stuff after repeating it too many time already….the everyday “stuff” in life that is behind the scenes.  Would I trade any of it though?  Not at all!!  My goal is to just be an inspiration to other women and mom’s out there to set little goals for themselves and to take things day by day.  I will soon be turning 41 and am in the best shape of my life and look forward to aging gracefully a little more each year.

A typical leg day workout (concentration quads)

– Warm-up on stairs for about 5min.
– Squats (feet close together) – 4 sets / 20 reps (lighter weight on these)
– Single leg press – 4 sets / 20 reps (lighter weight)
– Double leg press – 3 sets / 10 reps (heavier weight)…Superset to a wall squat until failure
– Leg Extensions – 4 sets / 10-12 reps (heavy weight)…Superset in to walking lunges
– Leg Extensions Burnout – 4 sets / 15-20 reps (light weight holding at the top of each rep)
– Hip Abductors/Hip Adductors – 4 sets of each / 15-20 reps (I do these on all leg days to help tighten         everything all the way around)

*Cardio is then topped off with stairs again or elliptical for a good quad burn

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Cindy Canas

Cindy Canas

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