December 2015

December 2015

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of our co-founder and originating developer, Cynthia Coffield has fully restored the Strength Advocate site.  For those who missed the news, Strength Advocate’s website was hacked the week of Thanksgiving, and our domain was used in a phishing scheme that was originated by criminals in Indonesia.  The criminals hacked into our server giving them access to all of our files including our backups.  During our initial effort to scrub the malicious code from our files, critical configuration files were lost, and we thought we lost all of our content—forever.

Although Strength Advocate has been restored, we’re not certain how we’ll move forward.  We believe there are many readers who benefit from our efforts, and I think it’s safe to say that there’s no other publication out there reporting on strength culture—at least not from our perspective.  However, delivering content that meets our high-standard is no easy task, and all of us have regular jobs, families, and responsibilities.  Additionally, this is not an inexpensive project, and now with the additional services we’ll need to employ to keep the site safe from another attack, the costs are escalating significantly.

For now, no decision has been made, but we’ll be taking off until the end of the year by which time we’ll have made a decision regarding how Strength Advocate will move forward.

Lift heavy,

Jason Reimbold
Publisher, Managing Director
Strength Advocate

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