Eating Late for Weight Loss

Eating Late for Weight Loss

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Eating Late for Weight Loss:
Exposing the myths that sabotage your dieting efforts
By Lenyn Nunez

ln6.2Can I get leaner, burn fat, and lose weight while I sleep?  Yes!  You can, and you will!  Consuming easy to digest low fat proteins such as egg whites, white fish, or protein powder, along with a serving of broccoli, asparagus, or mixed green salad with three tablespoons of vinegar creates an environment where:

(1) unsightly dead skin cells and other toxins that store fat and create cellulite are removed from under the first layer of your skin;

(2) digestion is enhanced breaking down existing food and fats in your body while you sleep boosting your metabolism;

(3) excess water is removed from your body throughout the night helping to accelerate your body’s natural metabolism and fat burning process!

Not eating before you go to bed encourages your body to store unnecessary fat, salt, and sugars.  This creates an environment where your body’s natural metabolism will slow down.

Chances are you already know that fasting for hours at a time is a sure cause of salt, sugar, and fat retention. So consider this…can it really make sense to fast for three hours before you go to bed just to fast for an additional 8 hours while you sleep?

Think about specific foods and how they affect your health and physical appearance. Your body does not retain water & gain fat, or get bloated by happenstance, nor does it shed water, burn fat, and look leaner by chance. Your body does as it’s told to do by you and the food you choose to eat.

Throughout the day, if you consume fat, salt, and sugar, the message to your body is clear.  If you consume natural diuretics, fat burners, and foods that aid digestion, the message is also clear.  Throughout the nighttime, the same holds true with one exception.  Sleep.  This is an eight hour window when your whole body and digestive system uninterruptedly take control.  Most of us (including myself) been bombarded with conflicting and contradicting information about what to do as the hours of your day wind down and the munchie monster starts to awake.  This leads to many kinds of destructive decisions with the most common one being not eating for hours before bedtime; this tells your body it should retain and absorb all foods already in your digestive system for survival.

How can you send your body the right message and assure you wake up with a “Nu-er” body every morning?  Make your body work for you while you sleep!  The foods you choose to consume are the lead determining factor in what functions your system undertakes throughout the night, so be a tough boss, and your body will serve you.

Proteins such as egg whites, white fish or protein powders are easily digested, allowing you to sleep without draining you of energy while you are recuperating for the next day.

Broccoli is high in fiber and strong antioxidants that aid in the breakdown of all things in your stomach.  It is also a natural diuretic and helps to remove dead skin cells.  This is helpful for achieving a very lean, vascular, and healthy look.

Asparagus is also a strong digestive aid with a great reputation for shedding excess water.  One to two cups of mixed dark green salads with three tablespoons of vinegar will affect you in a very similar way.

ln8You’re on your way to a “Nu-er” you!  When you combine these ingredients, you get a very easy to digest protein and a stack of supplements (vegetables and vinegar) that will breakdown unwanted things in your stomach and remove toxins and dead skin cells from your body for as long as you’re resting.

You will achieve success by troubleshooting fat burning techniques and setting the table for a metabolically enhanced relationship with your body.

 About the Author

Lenyn Nunez is a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert.  In addition to helping clients achieve their fitness goals, Mr. Nunez competes as a national level bodybuilder.  In 2011, he won the Mr. California title for bodybuilding.  He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and children.

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