Figure Pro Cindy Canas Interview

Figure Pro Cindy Canas Interview

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unnamed (2)Cindy Leach Canas is wife, a mother of four, a personal trainer and a professional Musclemania figure competitor whose fitness career has skyrocketed in just a few years in the industry. She is also a respected member of her community, considered as a positive influence due to her commitment to promoting healthy living.

When and how did you get involved in competing?  My first show was May 2013 for Musclemania in Galveston; our Lone Star show – I had a few people ask me if I competed; that I looked the part so I looked further into it – had a friend tell me that Musclemania was a good start and it was all natural.  I competed in Figure open short & Figure Classic short (age 35-44) and won 2nd place in both categories.  I fell in love with this branch and how everyone made you feel like family.  I went on from there to next compete in our Ft. Worth show where I placed 1st & then placed Overall; which gave me my Pro status – went to Vegas in November for my first National show and Pro debut and placed 9th out of 13; no complaints – the experience alone is well worth it!  I enjoy putting on a show for the audience and the judges and just having fun.  I never expected to place as well as I did!

unnamedHow has your fitness lifestyle affected other areas in your life?  My life has been affected both good and bad ways – as most athletes we get the “haters”; the ones who don’t understand why I do what I do and why on earth would I want these muscles lol….. my family has supported me 100% but during show prep I’m not there as much for my kid’s and husband as I would like to be; just no energy and sometimes a space cadet.  I have lost a few friends that don’t understand my dedication but along the same lines I have gained a few friends that admire it and that say I keep them motivated.

unnamed (3)What does it mean to be a sponsored athlete?  For me it means just being a role model and an inspiration to anyone out there trying to live a healthier lifestyle or trying to believe in themselves to do things they never thought possible.  The gym I train at is right around the corner from my sponsor’s shop so I see many people in my community that I can touch their lives by just a simple conversation or upbeat attitude – I love being a local girl; it’s more personal and I get to see people from time to time and see the changes they’ve made.

What has been the most challenging task or situation you’ve had to go through during your career in fitness?  This is really tough in the fact that about 6 months into my fitness career; which was about 3 years ago; my oldest daughter, Maddison, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She had just turned 13.  She went through numerous surgeries and chemo all within a 6 month time period.  I did not workout or eat healthy that entire time and honestly a few months after.  She became my entire focus as a caregiver as well as having 3 other children to take care of.  My husband was working in another city at the time so we only saw him on weekends; but some of those I was at the hospital with her.  That Dec after she finished chemo I ran a 1/2 marathon in her honor (because she ran track in junior high) – my only goal was to finish; didn’t care about the time – I pinned a photo of her bald beautiful self on my shirt and just kept moving.  Eventually life got back to normal & I got back in the gym.  I see bodybuilding as a hobby; I hope I inspire others along my path and journey but when they get discouraged I remind them that sometimes “life” happens and we have to rearrange our priorities and that it is okay.

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What is your advice for someone who has decided to compete for the first time?  When girls come to me wanting to compete I ask them first, why?  What is your main goal you want to take home at the end of the experience?  Next, my advice is usually to express to them to have fun & keep motivating them along the way however I can!

unnamed (4)Living a fit lifestyle is no easy task.  How do you stay motivated?  I stay motivated by seeing the constant changes and improvements I’ve made and by how healthier I feel.  I used to be that person that was on anxiety and depression meds and for almost 4 years now I have been completely off them; thanks to exercise.  I have 4 children which is no easy task in itself; so the gym is my playground and my “mommy time”.  It’s also motivating to know my children are watching my every move – my youngest son, who is 8 and one of my twins, is fascinated with wanting to workout and has become obsessed with my biceps; which are my prize possessions – lol.

What’s next for Cindy Canas?  Wow, loaded question….first I will soon be signing my contract to be a posing coach under Christine Anderson Coaching – I have designed and began selling my own “Fit Chick” tanks; which Fit Chick is my name on my tennis shoes, trailer hitch and Fit Chick Junkie is my page on FB and IG name…..I am currently in an official healthy bulking stage to move up to Women’s Physique; which our branch just added this year; my debut will be next May for that and then I’ll do my Pro Figure level in Florida in June and with any luck I’ll make my Physique pro debut on that national stage as well – it never hurts to dream big 🙂

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