Film Review: Generation Iron

Film Review: Generation Iron

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blu-ray-site-image_largeI remember walking into the theatre to see Generation Iron with much anticipation, and I’m glad to deliver this review of the Extended Directors Cut now available on Blu-Ray DVD.

We don’t get to see many feature films about bodybuilding, and the previews suggested this film was more than a token attempt to showcase the larger than life physiques of the sport’s top competitors. Rather, this docudrama is a fascinating look at the lives of the Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, and others in their quest to become the world’s greatest bodybuilder.

I was glad to see very little gym footage included in the film. Instead, Director Vlad Yudin turned the camera towards the athlete’s lives making Generation Iron a much richer and relateable experience for the audience. In a recent Strength Advocate interview, Mr. Yudin had this to say about what he hoped audiences would take away from the film: I want the audience to discover something new…a new world that they have never seen before. Most of us never been exposed to professional bodybuilding, because of various reasons…we might think it’s intimidating, unattractive or simply misunderstood, but through this film we can truly learn something new.

The DVD is well worth the price, and the extra footage and deleted scenes are a great bonus. It’s likely to be a repeated watch for any bodybuilding fan. However, I’d strongly encourage non-bodybuilding fans to give the movie a chance as well. It gives the viewer a glimpse into the person behind the muscle. In this way, Generation Iron puts a human face on a sport that’s still considered somewhat of an oddity.

The DVD can be ordered from here: Generation Iron

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