Fitness Angel Daisy TuTuFit - In the Lense

Fitness Angel Daisy TuTuFit – In the Lense

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Under the moniker Daisy TuTuFit,  Daisy Mastroianni has dedicated her life to her two loves — dance and fitness.  She’s a MuscleMania fitness pro, and she also danced for Houston’s professional soccer team the Dynamo where she was awarded Houston Dynamo Girl of the Year in 2009.

A passage from Daisy’s website explains how TuTuFit came to be:  “TuTuFit’s vision came one day as I was crossing over to fitness. I was still continuing to dance professionally. A certain individual told me I was “Too Fit” to be on her Pro Dance Team…that I should stop working out and eat really bad the week before I came back to Final Auditions. This way I would “fit in” with the rest of the potential candidates. Well I came back to auditions fitter than ever, danced my heart out and left a winner regardless of the fact my number was not called out that night. I learned a lesson that night and was able to teach it to my two boys, who were in the audience watching me. You have to do what’s best for you and follow your own vision; not someone else’s.”

This is exactly the kind of message we work to promote on Strength Advocate, and we’re honored to publish her latest photo shoot with physique photographer Clay Hammerle.

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Daisy Mastroianni. Photo: Clay Hammerle.

Daisy Mastroianni. Photo: Clay Hammerle.

Daisy Mastroianni. Photo: Clay Hammerle.


Daisy Mastroianni. Photo: Clay Hammerle.

You can view more images of Daisy in the following gallery.  For full appreciation, we strongly recommend viewing the photos in full screen mode by clicking the “maximize” button on the lower right of the viewer.


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