FitVine Wine Review - Wine for the Athlete

FitVine Wine Review – Wine for the Athlete

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FVW15_LogoA few months ago, the guys at FitVine Wine released a product specially formulated for the active lifestyle market, so of course, Strength Advocate wanted to review these exciting new wines.  The company uses grapes grown at higher altitudes, (greater than 2,000 feet) have greater antioxidant properties.  They also use a whole cluster fermentation process to ensure a higher concentration of resveratrol which provides added benefits to the wine.  You can read more about there process here (About FitVine Wine).

Presenting an offering in both white and red, we had a chance to sample each one, and this reviewer has to say both selections are quite impressive.

FV WinesAfter popping the cork on the Chardonnay and pouring the first few sips, I began to anticipate the first taste. Much to my satisfaction, the wine embodied a bold citrus taste that was clean and crisp.  This was an excellent pairing with the white fish and vegetables I had that evening.  Although, I’m sure the wine would do well paired with baked or grilled chicken as well.

On the evening I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon, I made a nice filet mignon (no bacon), medium rare, and asparagus.  I was again pleased to discover the FitVine Wine’s offering yielded a rich woodsy taste.

Now, I realize not everyone is a fan of dry wines, but for me it was spot on, as I have always felt that dry wines must house a more sophisticated combination of flavors since there’s no sweetness to disguise substandard ingredients and impurities.

Wine can be a nice accompaniment to a meal, and it should be thought of in that way, an accompaniment and not the main course.  All the same, should your diet allow for the occasional glass of wine, FitVine Wine is an excellent option.  Please drink responsibly.

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