Book Review: My Hero Walks on Water

Book Review: My Hero Walks on Water

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MHWOWAs a man adds to his list of accomplishments, his ego and pride often grow even faster, but Brian Dobson, founder of the legendary Metroflex Gym in Arlington Texas, isn’t that kind of man.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing Brian for several years, and even before reading his book, My Hero Walks on Water, I could tell you that he’s one of the most humble, hard-working, and honest guys I’ve ever known—and when you read his book, you’ll know what I mean.

Many of us are familiar with Brian Dobson the trainer of 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and 2-time Arnold Classic Champion Branch Warren and many other bodybuilding pros.  We’ve heard of the hallowed ground at the original Metroflex Gym that produced these and other bodybuilding champions.  However, many of us don’t know the story behind the man who was responsible for it all.

Brian’s story, as you might imagine, starts off in the beginning when Brian was young.  He talks about the lessons he learned as a young man—about faith and honor, and it’s these values that would re-emerge later in life to save him.

Like many of us, Brian lived a rebellious life as a young adult.  He describes some very rough times before handing his life over to Christ which is when Brian started the new life that all of us would know today; there’s a reason it’s called a spiritual “rebirth.”


Brian Dobson

The book is a no-holds-barred account of Brian’s life.  The ups, downs, failures, and successes are all discussed in detail.  He doesn’t shy away from shameful or embarrassing acts of his past, and in fact, he uses them skillfully (like a Pastor might) to illustrate a contrast between life with and without Christ.  Brian is very serious about his faith, and as the title of the book suggests, faith is the central theme of this autobiography.  Perhaps this seems like an unusual premise for a book about one of the all-time greatest bodybuilding trainers, but if you knew Brian, you’d know there is no separation between his faith and the rest of his life.  He doesn’t check a box by attending church once a week—he actually walks the walk every day.

In a recent Strength Advocate interview, Brian had this to say about his faith, “You have to be hardcore in your Christian walk just like you are in your training. It is very similar if you don’t seek Him and read the Word regularly you will start to atrophy just like if you ease up on the workouts. It’s very similar.”

It’s difficult to place My Hero Walks on Water in just one category.  It’s an autobiography, it’s about faith, it’s teaches lessons about business, but perhaps most of all, it tells the story of a man who could have been any one of us, but despite life’s trials and tribulations, this man overcame worldly trappings and frustrations for a much fuller and purposeful life.

This book is sure to be enjoyed by bodybuilding and non-bodybuilding fans alike.  It can be ordered from Amazon here: My Hero Walks On Water

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