January 2016

January 2016

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Strength Advocate will continue on, but not in its current form.  Instead of the online magazine all of you have come to know, Strength Advocate will now be a journal—a personal journal.  I realize this is a subtle distinction, but let me explain: the framework of a magazine consists of articles written by numerous contributors with a regular editorial calendar, but a journal can be more of an individual effort without a rigid publication timeline.  So why will Strength Advocate be a journal, and what does this mean?

After a number of life events that occurred in 2015 (job change, relocation from Houston to Dallas, etc), it became increasingly challenging to maintain the momentum that Strength Advocate built during our first two years year of publication.  Nevertheless, I’m not one to give up, so I continued to push through.  However, after our site was hacked last November, I became concerned about my ability to protect the content of our contributors.  It’s one thing if I were to lose my work, but the idea that I almost lost the work of our amazing writers and photographers made me question whether or not I could truly manage the website given my new responsibilities.  I still believe strength culture needs a voice, and I’ll always continue to write, so that’s why Strength Advocate will become more of the “Jason Reimbold Journal of Strength Culture” instead of maintaining the structure of a traditional online magazine.  Still, what does this really mean?

I will no longer actively solicit contributions from other writers and photographers.  Submissions are certainly welcome, and if a friend needs to promote their efforts, I’m happy to publish their work, but I will not be maintaining a regular editorial calendar.  Guest articles and pictorials will be published as they are submitted.  In regards to my own work, articles will be published as I write them, but I will not be holding myself to a regular timeline either.  However, with a more casual timeline, more time will be spent on each piece, so the reader will see Strength Advocate transition to more of a long-form journalistic style.

This is not a retreat; I’m not shuttering the project—Strength Advocate is just evolving along with other parts of my life.

As always, I appreciate the support of family, friends, and of our readers.  Although Strength Advocate is changing, it will continue to promote our culture and our values.  I hope all of you will embrace this change and continue to read what is published—I have so much more to say.

Lift heavy,

Jason Reimbold
Publisher, Managing Director
Strength Advocate
jreimbold @strengthadvocate.com

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