June 2015

June 2015

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Rickey Rohus. Photo by James Allen.

Rickey Rohus. Photo by James Allen.

With bodybuilding competition season in full swing, May was a busy month for Strength Advocate.  It was great to congratulate Rickey Rohus on his first place win, master’s class, at the Ronnie Coleman Classic.  Also, congratulations goes to our own Cindy Canas who took first place, women’s physique, at Musclemania!  I can’t tell you how proud I am of both of these fine athletes.   If you read through our past articles and interviews, you’ll quickly discover that Rickey’s and Cindy’s real strength comes from within, and it’s wonderful to see their drive and determination rewarded on stage.

As I’ve hinted at before, Strength Advocate is undergoing some changes behind-the-scenes, and while I’m excited for these enhancements to be implemented, we’re patiently working through the process to make sure we do things right the first time.  We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished to date, but like our readers, our dreams are much bigger than how we see ourselves today.

Stick with us—the best is yet to come.

Lift heavy,

Jason Reimbold
Publisher, Managing Director
Strength Advocate
jreimbold @strengthadvocate.com

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