May 2015

May 2015

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Lanie Hart.  Photographed by Alfonso Aguirre.

Lanie Hart. Photographed by Alfonso Aguirre.

April was a busy month for Strength Advocate (behind the scenes), and we’re looking forward to a great May. We are very happy to launch the new month with the amazing story of amateur bodybuilder Lanie Hart. Like so many others, Lanie took up competitive bodybuilding later in life and discovered the benefits the lifestyle yields well beyond that of a great physique. We never get tired of sharing stories like hers—it’s what Strength Advocate was created to do.

We’re working hard every day to promote the benefits of strength culture and to challenge the stereotype that bodybuilding is simply a meat-head sport.

As we’re moving through our second year in publication, we continue to grow (just like our readers). Thank you for taking time to review our content. You are why we’re here.
Please contact us with your thoughts, story ideas, and recommendations. We’re always eager to hear from you and to share new stories.

Lift heavy,

Jason Reimbold
Publisher, Managing Director
Strength Advocate

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