NU ATLAST: Training and Nutrition Program

NU ATLAST: Training and Nutrition Program

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The Nu Atlast Principles
NU Atlast exhibits logical, practical, and comprehensive training and dieting information. It is designed for those who value and depend upon their health but cannot budget a monthly nutritionist and / or a personal trainer.

With NU Atlast, people of every age, income, and training experience will acquire a foundation of knowledge to establish great health in an arena where most are otherwise lost (including many certified trainers).

Consistent information on foods that have not changed in centuries is hard to come by, so NU Atlast will always be committed to providing you with uniform information and tools at no cost to you. So here’s the first offering. By clicking the image below, you’ll be able to download our nutritional guidelines. Print it, read it, and put in on your refrigerator. Proper nutrition is the first step to the NU you!

NU-Atlast offers Exhibit ‘707’ into evidence:
1) Fish, Egg whites & other “Water based proteins” will always make your weight and scale numbers lower.
2) Chicken and Lamb will always stabilize your weight and scale numbers.
3) Steak and turkey will always make your weight and scale numbers higher.


Atlas may have shrugged, but Atlast always Nu it would be our responsibility to hold each other up. This will help improve lives immediately and help save lives in the long run. Our goal is to reach as many spirits as possible, and we will be buying ad space and billboards in our neighborhoods to replace the old McDonald’s and Burger King billboards.

Support us and your loved ones by sharing this information with as many people possible.

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