Ryan Wendt Interview

Ryan Wendt Interview

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Ryan Wendt Interview

Ryan Wendt is a national level bodybuilder, personal trainer, and owner of Metroflex Gym Houston. We caught up the other day just two weeks after he won 1st place, Heavyweight, at the NPC Central Texas Showdown.

What’s the biggest misconception about bodybuilders and hardcore gyms?

The biggest misconception is that it’s not as involved as it really is!! It takes over your whole life! The training, and cardio before a show, the 24/7 diet, all that is a factor in winning shows. It’s all real, and the heat, environment, and intensity is legit! It can be a very dangerous, but fun place to train.

You’ve said that you see miracles happen in your gym every day. What does that mean?
I’ve seen people lift 2 times their body weight and not believe my own eyes! And the rate that some people can change themselves is awesome to see!

What interests do you have outside of bodybuilding and running a business?
Hobbies: ever since I was a kid, I’ve hated being bored. So I read everything I could regarding skills, and tried to learn to do everything. I’ve studied languages, I’m a certified pharmacy tech, I do special effects makeup and props, pyrotechnics, art direction, I’ve been certified as a graphologist (handwriting analyst), I grew up as a magician, I juggle, ride a unicycle, and compete in bodybuilding and strongman. Like I said… I hate being bored.

What has been your biggest challenge (personal and professional)?
Biggest challenge?? Owning the gym!! It sucks to be broke for 3 1/2 years, but the rewards are all worth it! I see people change for the better and improve their whole lives! I do, however, know how it feels to not have a water heater (summer and winter), and to have to shower with a garden hose on the side of the warehouse at midnight so no one is around. I turned a break room into an apartment and lived in the gym for the better part of 3 years to work 18 hours a day to stay afloat! I lived off of concession sales to feed myself, an not having to commute saved on gas. I was the CEO and president, as well as the manager and janitor. I now have a beautiful wife and cool apartment that I go to everyday, and get to enjoy my gym as a member. I appreciate the hell out of that a lot more after struggling so long. Gotta chase your dreams if they’re worth having!!

What has been your greatest victory (personal and professional)?
My greatest victory has to be that it all paid off! I’m now winning competitions, I’m self-made, I don’t have to worry as much about bills, and enjoy life. Stress never bothered me; I just adjusted to the struggles life threw at me.

If you couldn’t work in the fitness industry, what would you do?
Actually, outside of the fitness industry, I’m under contract in the medical field. It totally satisfies my inner nerd, and my training background comes from spending my whole life listening to and helping my parents in medicine. I’ve worked in hospitals, pharmacies, operating rooms, and rehab clinics (chemical and physical). If you work with the systems of the body, it adjusts a lot faster!!

Which do you prefer? A night out or a night in?
I used to say a night out!!! I was a shy kid with no friends, so socializing was a passion, and I’d work all day and stay out all night and recover like a champ! I could get 3 hours sleep and work a 17-hour day. Now, I love spending time with my wife. She’s my best friend, and totally gets me. We can hang out watching TV all weekend and train together, and be totally happy. New concept for me.
Ryan Wendt

If you could star in the remake of any film, what character/film would you choose?
I’m a total horror movie fan! I HAVE the tattoo from the movie ‘Hostel’ (I got it in the lobby during our first anniversary party), I’d do a slasher flick, maybe be Freddie or Jason. I’ve made costumes for Halloween as Spawn, Venom, sub-zero, so something like that is always fitting.

What was the last book you finished, and what are you currently reading?
Last book was probably a reference book, or skill manual. I love learning, and never miss a chance to acquire a skill! It has certainly paid off.

And you knew this one was coming…boxers or briefs?
Actually, boxer briefs! Lol. Or hanging out with it out in the apartment with the Mrs. I don’t fit clothes well, so posing trunks work for me, too.

Thanks, Ryan. For more information about Ryan and his gym, go to www.wendtmethod.com or www.metroflexhouston.com