Sacrifice is the Price: The Adam Longoria Story

Sacrifice is the Price: The Adam Longoria Story

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Adam Longoria.  Photo credit unknown.

Adam Longoria. Photo: Nick Rios.

I sat down with a friend of mine to interview him for this, only because I knew he seemed to have a great story behind him and I knew he was an amazing coach in the Crossfit world.  I had no idea though just how well accomplished this man was and yet he has the most humility I’ve seen in awhile from an athlete of such proportions.   Tons of power packed in to the 5’2″ Sport Karate/Martial Art athlete/MMA fighter – BOOM!

Having grown up in Northwest Houston with two other siblings, all males, Adam Longoria began studying martial arts at the young age of 9.  At age 15, the year 1996, he was granted an ADULT 1st degree black belt.  Later that year he went on to win his very first world title in the National Black Belt League. This was nothing compared to the long list of things he would go on to conquer in different fields of  athleticism; these fields include a 5th Degree Master rank in Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA fighting – UNSTOPPABLE and FIERCE yet he has one of the biggest hearts and tender spirits when face to face with him.  (He’s an animal lover as well ladies)

AL3By the year 1998, Adam had become one of the most recognized sport karate players in the WORLD.  He’s graced the cover of international magazines like Sport Karate International and a featured spot in Sports Illustrated – being named one of the greatest martial arts competitors of the decade.  In 2006 that career came to an end, retiring the sport karate he entered the world of boxing on a challenge from a friend.  After only 7 months of training he entered his first Golden Gloves; winning 3 fights in 4 nights and the title for the South East Region – weighing in at 154 lbs.  Some months later Adam found himself in front of a sold out crowd at the Verizon Theater in downtown Houston in his first MMA fight.  After only two cage fights the name Adam Longoria became known as one of Houston’s most entertaining 135 lb fighters!

That career came to an end after earning title fights in many promotions and spots in invitational tournaments when he broke his left hand in a high profile fight.  Did this stop him from moving forward?  Of course not – he kept training up in many facets and decided to hit up a new challenge.  Crossfit.  In his first season he finished top 10 in all but 1 of the competitions entered AND he finished top 200 out of 5,600 athletes in the south central region for the Crossfit Open.  Adam believes “you’re not the best unless you beat the best”.  Next stop… Olympic Lifting – He is under the direction of the well known Tim Swords of Team Houston & has well earned his reputation as part of that team.  He has received many medals and qualified to compete on the national level.  He has no limits and loves seeking out new challenges and he doesn’t just learn the sport; he excels in it and smashes it!  Tim Sword once said to Adam, “Adam you have the talent to do something with this at your age and I have not seen work ethic in my garage like yours in a long time, I wish you could dedicate all of your time to this sport and be known for someone who did something with under 2 years of experience.”  Adam trains and Adam wins, bottom line.

Adam Longoria. Photo: Nick Rios.

Adam Longoria. Photo: Nick Rios.

So what else does an elite athlete do for fun?  Well, Adam is a Crossfit coach and personal trainer at Atomic Crossfit as well as a sports specific trainer at various locations.  He has a few high profile clients and just last week after we met he was hired by  high profile tennis player to help her improve her game as well as help with her recovery.  Adam is also a licensed massage therapist – he strongly believes in keeping the muscles healthy to endure optimum performance in any sport you are a part of.

In our interview I asked Adam a couple of questions:

CC:  What is something many people don’t know about you?
AL:  “I’ll never wear Reebok” (the official Crossfit gear) “and I was anti Lulemon for about 4 years, now I’m addicted”

CC:  What’s your favorite food when you’re not eating clean?
AL:  “My cheat meal is pizza and I have a huge sweet tooth”

CC:  What are your hobbies outside of training?
AL:  “I write poetry and I love to read, to read about great leaders”

CC:  Who did you look up to mostly growing up?
AL:  “Muhammad Ali, he’s intelligent, witty, has a soft side but viscous in the ring”

lsAdam claims he wouldn’t be where he was today without meeting Grace Patenaude, owner of Atomic Crossfit; she’s taught him not only to be a great coach but a successful one financially as well.  He considers her as a second mom.  What I love about Adam, besides the fact he’s so humble, is that he seeks out and has a strong passion for helping people become better every day, no matter what fitness level or goal they have.  He has been truly blessed with the gift of teaching and passing on his experiences to those that he coaches/trains.

You can contact Adam Longoria @ if you are interested in personal or sport specific training.

Awards & Achievements
**Note NBL = National Black Belt League
1996 NBL Breaking World Champion
1997 NBL Breaking World Champion
1997 NBL Weapons World Champion
1998 NBL Breaking, Traditional Japanese Kata, Traditional Self Defense, Hard Creative and Hard Creative Musical World Champion
1998  3rd Person in History to win 5 World Title in a single year
1998  Inducted into the NBL Hall of Fame
1998 First and only Sport Karate competitor to be featured in Sports Illustrated
1998 Set World Record for most consecutive wins in Breaking division – Record has yet not been broken
1999 Tied record for most consecutive fights won back to back – 16 straight in one day
2001 Contemporary Self Defense World Champion
2004 World Games Light Weight continuous fighting silver medalist
2006 154lb South East Regional Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
2007 154lb Police Olympics boxing Gold Medalist
2008 145lb #1 contender in Louisiana and Texas (MMA)
2009 #1 contender in South East United States and Mid West (MMA)
2010 Crossfit Beaumont competition 10th out of 30
2011 1st Place Houston Mud Run Co-Ed competitive division
2012 Life as RX Crossfit comp – 33rd  out of 100
2012 Godai  Elements Challenge – 12th out of 40
2012 Hammer and Chisel Crossfit comp – 8th out of 35
2012 Fall Brewses Crossfit Team comp – – 4th out of 40
2012 S.O.S. for A.L.S. Two Man team comp – 3rd (first podium)
5th Degree Black Belt in American Tae Kwon Do
Fight Records: Boxing 5-1-0 / MMA 6-1-0 (1KO) / Muay Thai 2-0-0 (2KO)

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