The Nu-Core Solution: Part II

The Nu-Core Solution: Part II

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The Nu-Core Solution
By Lenyn Nunez

ln8Begin every workout with your Warm up/Posture Practice/Hip Stretch. Calf Exercise with Shin Stretch

1. Stand upright in Core Conscience Posture (CCP) on a surface high enough to get full calf stretch on the way down; hold on to something for support and balance if needed.

2. Keeping your core conscience posture, spread your toes (spreading your toes maximizes stability, muscle contraction, and nerve activation). Come up on your toes as high as possible. Reach up for a count of one.

3. Slowly lower your weight onto your heels and stretch as far down as possible and hold for a count of three.

4. Repeat 50 times.

5. Stretch shins, holding each for 30 seconds.




Hamstring Exercise
1. Stand upright in Core Conscious Posture (CCP) and reach up as high as you can while keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor and your head straight.

2. Bend forward at the waist with your knees bent and reach down to the area just in front of your toes.

3. Keeping your chest open and legs contracted, squeeze your hamstrings and glutes, and return to CCP maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

4. Repeat 25 times.

5. On the 25th rep return to full Core Conscious Posture(CCP) ,locking your knees and keeping your legs straight.

6. Put your chin to your chest and reach for the same area in front of your toes, stretching your calves and hamstrings.

7. Keeping your chest open contract your hamstrings and glutes to return to full Core Conscious Posture (CCP) .

8. Repeat 25 times.

9. Quad stretch, hold for 30 seconds each side.


Glute Exercise
You will need a prop for this exercise: anything you can step up on, such as a phone book.

1. Stand in full Core Conscious Posture (CCP) and firmly place your foot on the step.

2. Maintaining your posture, exhale and push up onto your lead leg by pushing with your heel while contracting your hamstrings and glutes.

3. As you come up, push your hips forward and exhale until your core is fully contracted (the further you exhale the tighter your contraction will be.)

4. Lift your opposite knee to create momentum as well as maximum hip stretch and glute contraction on your working leg. Hold for one count.

5. Return to start position, keeping your lower body contracted and your chest open.

6. Repeat 25-50 times per leg (depending solely on how you feel on that particular day)

7. Keep your legs straight, knees locked, and your chin to your chest, reach for the area in front of your toes consciously stretching your calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Hold for 60 seconds


Core B
This exercise is very similar to the hamstring exercise, with a strong emphasis on glutes, and lower and middle back; doing these exercises with precision will play a role in slimming your waist and shaping your glutes.

1. Stand upright in Core Conscious Posture (ccp) Cross your arms over your core to ensure balance and stable center of gravity.

2. Straighten your legs by locking your knees.

3. Using your hamstrings, glutes, and core bend at the waist until just past the point where you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

4. Exhale as you contract your glutes and lower back to bring yourself back to the starting position while contracting your glutes and hips to finish the repetition (the further you exhale, the more of a contraction you will be able to get in your core and glutes, increasing the effects on your waist).

5. Repeat 50 times

Core A
1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, and your feet on the floor with your heels tucked up under. Arch your back and open your chest, keeping your shoulders pressed into the floor. Next, extend your arms out, palms up, in preparation to reach toward the sky.

2. Inhale slowly and deeply into your chest while vacuuming your stomach in as tightly as possible.

3. Start to exhale, bringing arms up and extended toward the sky. Lift your upper torso off the floor and crunch your stomach (abs, and obliques) by exhaling on the way up and consciously pushing your abdominal wall out at the same time (“pregnant” belly, blowing out as much air as possible to ensure full air contraction).

4. Begin to inhale and return to start position. Repeat step 2.

5. Repeat 50 times.

Back Exercise
(keeping your elbows and hands close to your body plays a very important role in full contraction efficiency)

1. Stand in Core Conscious Posture (CCP) keeping your chest open and your arms hanging down toward the floor.

2. With a slight bend in your waist, tighten your calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

3. Contract your middle back by exhaling and tightening your core while pulling your elbows back (make sure your hands stay as close to your sides as possible). All of your back and core will be totally contracted as your hands reach your waist, and you are at the end of your exhale.

4. Return to start position, ensuring a full middle and upper back stretch.

5. Repeat 50 times.

6. Chest stretch, hold for 30 seconds.




Rear Delt Exercise
1. Stand upright in Core Conscious Posture (CCP) with a slight bend in your knees, chest open, chin to your chest, and a slight forward bend in your waist.

2. Exhale, and with your palms facing each other tighten your arms, and raise arms out to the side until your hands are at least parallel to the floor, while squeezing your rear delts and upper back.

3. Slowly return to start position, achieving a full middle and upper back stretch.

4. Repeat 50 times.

5. Stand upright in CCP and reach as high as you can with your heels pressed firmly into the floor, and head straight: hold for 60 seconds .


Neck Exercise
1. Stand upright in Core Conscious Posture (CCP) with your hands down at your sides.

2. Contract your traps and neck by raising your shoulders as high as possible toward your ears.

3. Return to start position, pulling your arms down to achieve trap and neck stretch.

4. Repeat 50 times.

5. Stand upright in CCP, hold for 30 seconds.


Check back for Chapter 3 of The Nu-Core Solution.

ln6About the Author
Lenyn Nunez is a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert.  In addition to helping clients achieve their fitness goals, Mr. Nunez competes as a national level bodybuilder.  In 2011, he won the Mr. California title for bodybuilding.  He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and children.


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