The Start

The Start

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BodybuildingAt Strength Advocate, we’re strong supporters (no pun intended) of what we call the “wellness through weightlifting” concept.

In the 19th Century, society began to recognize the importance of fitness, and this initiated the Physical Culture movement. The concept incorporated all aspects of sports and strength training, and over time, it evolved into the modern fitness era.

Weight training transforms the mind, body, and spirit. We manifest our own happiness, or hardship, through our thoughts and behavior. If thoughts and behavior are negative, life is generally unhappy, but when thinking and actions are positive, we can become anything we desire. We encourage individuals to incorporate a simple program of weight training and proper nutrition to improve and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our minds easily become polluted with experiences like daily stress, alcohol, and unnecessary medications. Fortunately, we can change our thinking by eliminating the negative influences and by changing the actual chemistry of our brains via intense physical training.

The human body is truly a miraculous biomechanical machine. The body is resilient and self-regenerating, and a weight training program improves the physical state of our bodies. It is through the act of achieving our highest physical potential that weight training helps to improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

A strong mind and body invokes, and is the foundation for, a fully inspired spirit. A strong spirit brings happiness, success, confidence, and health to life, and this is our ultimate goal. Weight training is a transformative process for achieving a positive, healthy, and spiritually charged life.

Vitruvian ManVitruvian Man Motivation

Although sometimes misinterpreted, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is not actually a drawing about muscularity-it’s about proportion. The drawing is also known as the Canon of Proportion, and the intent was to depict the “ideal” proportions of the human figure.

Anyone with more than a casual interest in bodybuilding knows the sport is as much about proportion as it is about well-developed muscles, and Strength Advocate celebrates this quest for the ideal physique. Although the “ideal” is seldom attainable, it has been said that in striving for perfection, you can achieve excellence.